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Yo, fantastic "Sonny"!

Escape from White November Badge (easy – 5 points)
Fight your way off the starting ship.

From the first moment the jazzy yet elegantly drawn "Sonny" splash screen contacts my eyes, I know "Sonny" must be a special game. How special it is, however, is something that turns out to be far exceeding all my possible anticipations, and perhaps imaginations, about the limits of games that are on the Flash platform of the present day.

There are 4 zones in "Sonny", which should not be bad to know at first; I thought it should be 5 at least so was kinda unfulfilled when it just ended like that.

► Spoiler (Zone 1)

Sensei Slayer Badge (medium – 15 points)
Defeat the ghostly samurai boss.

The appearance of "Sonny" doubtlessly pushes forward numerous boundaries that were previously known to be "look, things can only go this far for Flash" in the industry. Of the most spectacular is the all fascinating visuals and audios; it's not very much related with technical limitations but more about the time the developers willing to spend on it, or even something more basic - that whether someone with the right sense of art could be put in charge of the job - yet the graphics along with the musics are two major outputs the game would depend on to excite the players' sensations.

The art design in "Sonny" is a complete success.

The secret in the graphical designs of "Sonny" is the extensive usage of rich and bright color gradients, which makes the game all brilliantly vivid. Plus, landscapes are created out of simple yet alacritous shapes and lines, while details about the appearances and poses of characters are all carved into some very tiny levels. Cooperating every outstanding visual factor together, it becomes the source of magnificence which gets to be convoyed in the form of sheer beautiful scenes and interface we see in "Sonny". Not to mention the almighty battle musics, especially the boss battle one which is so heatedly ablaze; it's just even better than the average of commercial retail games! Sometimes they hire a whole lot of symphony orchestras and can't even do half better than this! Further supplemented with decent and full voice acting, the visual and audio works of "Sonny" have been successful in making up some excellent cutscenes and storytelling moments.

► Spoiler (Zone 2)

Alive Monsters Badge (hard – 30 points)
Complete the story events.

One thing smart about "Sonny" is that it knows to choose the kind of presentation style that is most ideal for the platform the game is running on, yet managed to accomplish this endeavor in a miraculous way, in which the optimization is achieved without yielding to certain compromise, thus keeping the fun value of the game sound and intact. Well, in a plainer way of speaking, "Sonny" knows how to make itself attractive without being a system resources monster.

Turn-based RPG itself is, in essence, one of the countable few genres that will be handled better on Flash over the others. Obviously the key is all about performance and processing time, for example one should be able to easily imagine point-and-click adventures being another prominent instance that is most proper for Flash (see all those escape-the-damn-room games around), while shooters on Flash always suck a big time because they either have to be laggy (suffering from excessive real-time processing) or stupid (yield to game performance by taking away advanced entertainment features). The fact "Sonny" does not opt for a real-time system but a turn-based one implies that it was given birth towards the right direction.

Voiced conversations occurring during the battles make "Sonny" being able to provide a far more fluid experience of immersion comparing with other typical Flash-based RPGs.

Yet, the term turn-based nowadays is quite often linked with some not so favorable impressions like outdated, outmoded, even perhaps superannuated, and modern indie turn-based RPGs - like the Max Mesiria series and the MARDEK series - usually propagandize themselves as "in the feeling of NES/SNES style RPGs", being very much pound of this, which I would reason is why "Sonny" comes to be such a huge impact (no exaggeration as it's currently the highest rated game on Kongregate and likely on other Flash portal sites as well upon its debut) - "Sonny" utterly toppled our past recognitions about turn-based RPG on Flash, that could be of one which is beyond a linear leveling up progression, beyond mazes and town maps where your little protagonist should run on, beyond histrionic NPCs that roam aimlessly around in circle repeating the same few duologues over and over again. Certainly there may be various games already in existence containing some of the concepts above, howbeit "Sonny" is without any doubt the first to incorporate all these elements in a delicate manner, ennobling the entirety up onto a higher plane, high above all previous attempts and actual creations of Flash RPGs.

► Spoiler (Zone 3)

Illuminator Badge (hard – 30 points)
Defeat the shadow boss in the fourth zone.

Although the accomplishment of "Sonny" is one that significantly surpassed previous expectations of, not only the players but the industry as well, on the possible extent of Flash RPG, "Sonny" is still one that was made by human and is not free of flaw. First - it's too damn short! But it is also very nice for the development team to choose quality over quantity, for which I wholeheartedly salute. Second, there are some glitches - ranging from tiny issues of graphical layer orders, to interesting leaks such as one that can grant you all four Kongregate badges within a blink; however if you are not operating a pair of sharp eyes and are not tempted to meddle with things in a way that is unintended by the game design, the game would appear to be just near perfect for you.

► Spoiler (Zone 4)

[How to Kongregate] Sonny - How to Beat Doctor Herregods at Zone 4 (Other Bosses on My Blog)

Recommended Abilities
Aggression, Break, Shatter Bolt, Electro Bolt × 2, Sunder, Heroic Motivation, Subversion

Sinjid's Shadow:
I am not sure about other bosses, but Sinjid is clearly a tribute to some early creations of Krin Juangbhanich, the main developer of "Sonny".

This is the final confrontation, against Sinjid's Shadow, and two other Shadow's Shadows. So confusing. Well actually the two Shadow's Shadows are some feebly weak illusions placed by the ninja's "true" illusion, so for convenience you can just eliminate them two at the very start. The real difficulty is that whenever Sinjid's Shadow has his focus full at 100, the next turn he will unleash a deadly blue light ball that sends a random victim back home.

Again, it all turns out to be so easy once you've got your strategy right, and the strategical decision you must make this time is - just let your good comrades get blasted away - it does you no good trying to save them!

Before entering the final face-off, re-spec and you must go for a 10/10 Regeneration, a 5/5 Reform, and a 3/3 Block. Once the battle initiates, deal with the two dummies first while Sinjid's Shadow massacring your teammates - don't worry, no problem.

With your two teammates gone as well, it boils down into a one-on-one; now, whenever Sinjid's Shadow recharges his focus to 100, just Block, and his zippy attack won't touch a hair of yours. And you should know the rest - it's all about endurance yet again.

Recommended Abilities
Aggression, Electro Bolt × 2, Magic Bolt × 2, Block × 2, Reform


Last time I was so much shocked and awed by a Flash game - and the only time before I came to know "Sonny" - was some time before 2000, when I came across Pico's School. It might be hard for some of the younger audience to catch, but back at that time, Flash games were all of monotonous content and never meant to be more than a 3-minute-relaxation; Pico's School changed all these for everyone. Its scale, length, interface and details are huge impacts of that era, and I never forget that kind of excitement, totally immersed by shocking agitations of wondrous miracle. And I never thought this could happen once more, with so many Flash games these days exploring seemingly almost all possible possibilities already, with so many Flash games seemingly being so good... But it is obvious to me now, that they were all not good enough.

"Sonny" is creating history, right now on this moment, setting already a glorious milestone along the continuing road of the ongoing development of Flash games, that is going to be remembered by the industry even after a decade's time. It is so fortunate for me to enjoy this game without missing it. The only reason it is not made a ten-star is that I want to leave it for "Sonny 2".

: State of the Art


Anonymous said...

You could also use disruption (drains focus) on Sinjid's Shadow whenever he has full focus. So you can keep your team mates alive (at least until he casts speed and scores those 1500+ critcals on them)

Kier said...

Actually, the easiest way to beat the last fight in Zone 4 is to use disruption whenever his focus reaches 100. That way, you don't need to kill your teammates, and you can shorten the fight significantly.

"How to Kongregate" said...

I figured that strategy as well, but in my circumstances my Speed was too low and would miss the ninja very often, hence my method.

I also appreciate some people trying to submit comments regarding details of certain glitches and the likes, however the atmosphere should be quite obvious I am writing this article with a mood of tribute and respect, and it should be apparent I am going to block anything that will taint this page. Share it in our Forum if you must, but it's not going to be seen in here.

Parker said...

this game is awesome

Anonymous said...

any1 want me to post the lvl hack..., say yes or no

Anonymous said...

yes post it!

Anonymous said...

Using CheatEngine, Exact Value, 4 Bytes....

after the first battle, scan for 8 (1*8=8), then fight one more battle and youll gain lvl 2. Use the "Next scan" to scan for 16 (2*8=16) there will be 10-30 items on the list, you can click the Next scan or fight til lvl 3 and use "Next scan" to scan for 24 (3*8=24) there will just only be 1 item on the scan list now, double click it, and change the value to whatever you want, 8= 1 lvl and 8k is 1k lvls, now enjoy beating the game in 8minutes :P, and you can do the same thing with the 2, now with the lvl hack i assume that you wont need the gold hack, but if you do, then its the same, 1 golds value is 8, meaning if you have 3 gold then search for 24,-------------Hope you understood this, but if not then ask for some more help :P

Anonymous said...

first scan for 8, then Use next scan to scan for 16 when your lvl 2, and once again, Next scan to scan for 24, when lvl 3,

and you can do the same thing with veraduxe, and amberm, those are your 2 other chars, :P, and sorry for double post.

mAkUbEx tHe gReAt hAcKeR said...

Hi To Everyone Who Play SONNY
By The Way For Some People
Who Need Help or What we call cheats rather... Do dis trick
if you have an item in ur inventory the u didn't want to use
don't sell it..Click the item and click the ABILITIES icon and Click One Of Your Stats like Agility and etc and THE effect of the item will add up to ur slot even you did'nt wear it..just as simple like that u have a high Stats..

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Aleks said...

The easiest way to clear the final 4 bosses is to use the block/intervention glitch for 1,2,4; and subversion for 3.

Anonymous said...

easiest way for the last boss if your speed is low: intervention x2 / block x2 / magic bolt x2 and regeneration for the focus
The boss will never harm you. It's better not tu use disruption because when you use it the boss uses abilities with the rest of the focus, if you use just block he will always use all his focus wi th the big blast.

Anonymous said...

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