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Bot Arena 3

Some of you probably have already watched my video guide for "Bot Arena 3" since Sunday and are waiting for this article, so here it is, finally.

Roboslayer Badge (easy – 5 points)
Lay waste to 10 opponents in career mode or challenge mode.

So someone has mentioned a while ago that this blog can serve as an important reference to all game coders. I really think not, because most likely those who are capable of coding will also have a rough idea on how to build up some basic anti-cheating checks, and chances are they didn't code them in simply because they do not care that much about cheating, as long as they are receiving damn good money from their sponsors. Still, we are going to explore two simple yet efficient countermeasures against hacking in our following paragraphs, if there really are clueless developers out there that are reading this blog.

Champion Robotics Engineer Badge (hard – 30 points)
Complete your fulfilling career as a master of all things mechanical.

Do we have any amateur coders here that think local shared objects are really a hassle? You need them to create a saving feature but are also fear of them being easily tweaked and hacked, like this?

One thing that will only take you a few minutes to do but can probably help you fending off more than 90% of .sol Editor users, is to create a hash - using MD5, SHA-1, etc. - out of all your variables that's gonna be stored inside the LSO, and put that hash inside the file, too, to be checked by your game when it is about to load up any save. It won't stop smartasses like me from decompiling your .swf and see what kind of hash algorithms you were using so to create the necessary hacking hash I need, but will be sufficient enough against most of the average guys always crying for helps out there.

Mechanical Samadhi Badge (hard – 30 points)
Be one with the robots. Master control of them, and complete all 7 challenges.

Trying to use text strings instead of numbers is a good idea, because most people who are using Cheat Engine just know about searching numbers; but the method has been proven powerless against real thinkers like, yes, me once again:

[How to Kongregate] "Bot Arena 3" Challenge 4 Modification

(For the hex segment mentioned inside the video, it goes as below.)

43 49 52 43 45 53 20 22 58 54 22 00 4B 55 52 4F 4E 20 22 53 48 52 45 44 2D 4D 4B 33 22 00 52 41 00 4F 4E

Now one of the methods being mentioned oftentimes to solve this issue is to employ a certain degree of obscurity like, using something as random as J97_IDdtH instead of CIRCES "XT", or dN92_p_oCCTy in place of KURON "SHRED-MK3", and recording the correlation down in some other isolated place. However, my own estimation is that all these shit jobs can probably block out only around 30% of hacking for you; there are still many other ways for us resourceful people to stitch out the correlation ourselves through the rest part of your codes, and chances are if someone knows how to decompile your file and locate those text strings at the first place, a little more extra analysis and deduction over your codes won't baffle him either.


Let's conclude this with a good question: what kind of players are the lamest?

I'd answer that with "whichever stupid scum that thinks changing a few integers with Cheat Engine is all about hacking and whichever fucking teenage idiota that thinks hacking is wrong." Just to think about how much information NSA, CIA, and the USA government in general are hacking around the world on a daily basis? Oh wait, they don't call it hacking - they call it information monitoring, homeland security ensuring, terrorist activity recognizing, etc. etc. Now anyone, please tell me where in the fuck you see anything wrong in that? We will be all dead if there are no hacking! The US will collapse under the evil threat from the terrorists and we will become plain farts! Hacking is vital for US, how the fuck can it be wrong?


Anonymous said...

I have a problem, for first in the video you: right click a choose "reload" but when i right click "reload" dosent come up, so when i open the memorie nothings is like in the video and when i search for "DISTRACTING" i dont find anything about "nil" or "dragon" so plz help me!!!!!
(you can contact me here: marius.bjorni@hotmail.com)

p.s. can you make a guide for the hard bloons TD 2 badge????

"How to Kongregate" said...

(a) [How to Kongregate] Cheat Engine Basic Guide with Ether Cannon as Exmple

(b) Ain't it just down there?

Anonymous said...

ok i found the distracting thing and the rest of the steps but it just stays there same, the shield doesnt have the extra cannon. is there something else?

"How to Kongregate" said...

Everything is apparently inside the video, which obviously means you did something wrong. I can't help you though with all the vague description you provided.

Anonymous said...

i find the DISTRACTI?NG THING and the nil and dragon but if i change the things into what u say. there doesnt happen anything

"How to Kongregate" said...

You've got all the tips you need on this page.

Anonymous said...

can u say how to do the chalange hack on other chalenges

"How to Kongregate" said...

I've shown you the hardest one already, why can't you do the rest yourself?

Anonymous said...

I honestly hope you didn't just uphold flash games as an "art" worthy of intense scrutiny and then basically tell users, in a very misguided irrational way, that it is perfectly fine to tamper with these works of art. You're encouraging the destruction of the artists intentions, and that, even for the most piece of shit flash game, is a travesty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this man. You've def helped me with this stupid bot game. Now if I could just figure out how to do this in max mesiria...

Ignore all these people hassling you for making these guides. They're retarded that they even care enough to have an opinion about this.

Ben said...

Ok...in ur video i searched for DISTRACTING, it came up with 3 results.

What is the range? I dont see anything that says "nil" or "dragon"

and yes, im a noob....help a noob plz

"How to Kongregate" said...

@1st Anonymous: Hacking is an art, idiot. And since we are only modifying the memory regions inside the RAMs of our own computers, it's also perfectly fine, bear with that.

@2nd Anonymous: Maybe you'll find more inside the comments of the Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG post.

@3rd Anonymous: Close all other tabs inside your browser, and follow what exactly has been shown inside the video.

Anonymous said...

Call me an idiot, but where can I get a free .swf decompiler for Mac? Yes, I did google eet.

"How to Kongregate" said...

It's more likely that there simply isn't one. You probably would like to see if you want to emulate a Windows environment on Mac.

Anonymous said...

maybe virtual pc would be your best bet to emulate a windows evir. just a thought not a guar. this is additoin to what how to has said above if in fact he does not mind.

Anonymous said...

Great. Can you upload the decompiled Bot Arena 3 to Mediafire?

"How to Kongregate" said...

You mean you want me to distribute the game's source code publicly? No way, this is too obvious a lawbreaker. I can be in trouble if the game's creator happens to know that.

Anonymous said...

Can you post a list of the chassis, armor and weapon variables then?

Gameace said...

Don't bother modifying the armor / weapon. Just change the enemies weapon to something that doesn't exist and it won't be able to shoot you. You can always just use the new method posted up and modify the variables for health anyway so you don't die.

"How to Kongregate" said...

Katana is a Windows application and cannot be run on Mac. Deleting enemy weapon string is a way, though in case you still want these:

* Weapons

"RAPTOR \"DT-01\""
"RAPTOR \"DT-02\""
"TORRIKA \"KJ-557\""
"DARSIJ \"A101-1\""
"TORRIKA \"KR-2\""
"ZENI \"PRS\""
"DARSIK \"B301-1\""
"PORANTIS \"R33\""
"ZENI \"PRZ-2\""
"DARSIK \"R200-7\""

* Platings

"OVERWATCH \"R200\""
"OVERWATCH \"R760\""

* Chassis

"AKAUMIN \"DLZ-100\""
"AKAUMIN \"DLZ-250\""
"XEROI \"CLR-Z050\""

Fikret Sanal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Congrats. I tried the codes for distracting, they worked. However i couldnt seem to get any other of the challenges to work. got any advise or some help?

Anonymous said...

I feel like an idiot, but the part I'm stuck on is selecting the range. I can't click and drag, and I tried holding shift, ctrl and alt (separately) and then click and drag, but that didn't work. How do you select more than one character?

Aria said...

when you are looking towards other challenges, do u look for the range from nil to dragon also?

"How to Kongregate" said...

For specific helps go to the Forum; it's impossible for me to deal with any help calls one by one that came up.

Anonymous said...


This is extremely good. Well done you! I'm still getting bummed by the other challenges but I shall prevail.

Anonymous said...

as some other players have said in previous posts, I also have changed the 'nil' to 'dragon' segment and checked the hex coding as well ... and I also am not getting the appropriate changes. The shield is still just a shield, with no weapon attached. It is still called shield and not 'RA', and the opponent is still called 'DRAGON' and not "ON'. Don't keep saying that we are doing something wrong and that it is all in the thread, the thread has been copied and followed precisely by a number of us and it does not make the changes you propose.

"How to Kongregate" said...

None of us will be able to help you if all you do is just coming up posting some gibberish like "I've done as you proposed but it turned out to be shit not working." Capture a screencast and let us see how exactly you had it done so we could know where might be the detail you're missing. Stupid bitching like that only helps you eat dirt.

Anonymous said...

hey, man, great blog. look, i did everything following your video. at first i didnt find anything, but it really made no sense. there is one thing that you didn't point out, i didn't know it at first and many people may get confused so... selecting the program to cheat! in my case firefox, most anonymous like me will probably be in ie...

well, as i said, it didnt show any results, so i copied YOUR range and voilá.

then selected from NIL to DRAGON, copied the code from here, pasted it, closed the window (with the red x :P), closed cheat engine (afterwards, i tried not closing cheat eng, even not closing the edit win), loaded challenge mode, loaded distracting... and nothing.

its just like without the editing. it would seem that it didnt save, i dont know.

i tried to explain everything i did, if i did miss something, tell me, otherwise... i dunno. it worked for some people so im probably doing something wrong, but i cant see what it is.


"How to Kongregate" said...

I guess the keyword is "reload".

Potholehitter said...

I tried to make the challenge cheats to work as well but whenever I went back to the challenges they disappeared and I could no longer play any of them.

Anonymous said...

This blog helped me find the code. however, the hex segment you provided was a bit off. I figured it out though. If you enter that segment thread it creates a shield with infinitely altering, yet useless weapons. *hint* there should be a 43 which corresponds to c, where there is a number corresponding to n.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..I followed the video PRECISELY, just like you asked. Entered the string from nil to DRAGON. Uploaded the challenge. No change. What went wrong, do you think?

hehe said...

how do i remove weapons challlnge 6 is the only one i cant

Dave C said...

If u awnser this thank u soo much,i have a little prob iv seen the vid and i understand it all but i cant find the hex u said,in the vid u said like check the blog for it,well i read the blog on here and cant find, plz respond


PS:plz dont just say "look at the blog" actually post the hex in the respose plz'
PPS:ty for all ur work with all the game vvids

Pingpong said...

Hey... It Doesnt make it clear on Bot Arena 3 what to paste with what you did... Why cant you just post it and leave all of the writing out -.-

Anonymous said...

43 49 52 43 45 53 20 22 58 54 22 00 4B 55 52 4F 4E 20 22 53 48 52 45 44 2D 4D 4B 33 22 00 52 41 00 4F 4E

ok, i copied this thing and noticed there was this Ra Om and Shred whatever... but i pasted the clipboard? on the red words... i sure had a hunch, it didnt work, ur codes not complete i think

Anonymous said...

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